Our Team

Working together has allowed us to bring the best in each other out.

Meet Our Team

The iLead Consulting team works to help you get the most out of your organization. Our blue prints start at the bottom and strengthens everyone clear to the top of the chart.

Tom Pearce -

Everything from A to Z. His mission in life is to build stronger leaders, better teams, and more effective organizations. Tom has worked around the world carrying out his mission for the past twelve years. Tom is also called upon to assist global organizations with international issues related to Human Resources. Learn More

Loraine Grubbs -
Director of Research and Marketing

Loraine is passionate about finding the right person, right fit, at the right time. She is highly experienced at researching and utilizing various resources, including social media, to find the best talent, market information, and resources making possible for our clients to provide stronger leaders, better teams and effective organizations. Learn More